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Tour Lisbon with The Flying Took Tuk

Get lost in Lisbon with the magnificent Flying Took Tuk. Enjoy a Flying Took Tuk tour across Lisbon, exploring the faded grandeur along the city’s enchanting streets, its antique façades and historic squares surrounded by noble architecture. The Flying Took Tuk, is a small, local and friendly business that genuinely wishes to make your moment in Lisbon magical.

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Tour Menu & Price List

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Tour 1: Lisbon of Old

This tour offers an insight into the historical & religious wealth of the Portuguese capital with its prestigious monuments, palaces and churches. We also take time to look at the city of today: the vibrant street culture, lively food markets & peaceful squares.

60 mins | 45 € per tour*

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Tour 2: Seven Splendid Hills

On this colourful tour we enjoy a fun ride up and down Lisbon's many splendid hills. Experience the curious sights and unforgettable panoramic views over the city’s rooftops, antique domes, narrow streets, impressive port and the River Tejo.

90 mins | 60 € per tour*

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Tour 3: Leafy Lisboa

Spend a delightful morning or afternoon discovering charming squares and secluded leafy gardens. This is a particularly refreshing tour to take on a hot summer's day.

Time required: a morning or afternoon.

80 € per tour* - all gardens are free to enter unless otherwise stated.

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Tour 4: The Moorish Tour

Discover the maze-like streets, narrow alleyways and tiny squares; a historic legacy left by the Moors (ancient Arabs) who occupied the western Iberian coast for circa 450 years. Here we can easily imagine how the city would have looked before the disastrous Great Earthquake of 1755.

90 mins | 60 € per tour*

* Maximum of 3 people per tour

Special Tours

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Sunrise Tours

During the hot summer months of July & August why not book a Breakfast tour. Chose from any of our Tours or tell us where you would like to go. Enjoy the peaceful calm of Lisbon in the beautiful morning light complete with delicious Portuguese coffee and cakes. We can pick you up from your Hotel.

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Lisboa Nights

Boa Noite! Enjoy Lisbon after dark with its vibrant night life.

This Tour is recommended from 22:30 onwards until late, so why not start with dinner at a local restaurant? We can recommend simple taverns to state of the art dining. After dinner get ready for your night-time promenade. We will transport and look after you, and introduce you to some wonderful local bars and magical hidden night spots.

By reservation only.

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Special Requests

Looking for a Vegan/Veggie cafe or restaurant? Searching for friendly places to eat, drink or get online? On the lookout for cool tips for a great night out? Or maybe you would like to rent a bike and cycle south to the Alentejo?

If you have a question please feel free to ask.

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